Cognize Tech Solutions could be a force to be reckoned with the Staffing and accomplishment Solutions arena across USA.



Cognize Tech Solutions has worked in providing engineering and technical talent with the most appropriate aptitudes and experience to customers, over a few industrial sectors regardless of whether it’s mining, Energy, Oil & Gas, rail, development or aviation, Cognize Tech Solutions have a background marked by sourcing skilled, qualified staff and contractors for projects anywhere in the world.

To find what makes us the first preference for candidates and clients alike browse our recruitment services by segment:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Media & Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing & Distribution
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Finance
  • Legal & Professional Services

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Cognize Tech Solutions has a past filled with providing staffing solutions for the designing and manufacturing areas of the aerospace/defense industry. From composites engineering to magnetic engineering to aircraft design
Our clients are based around the country Cognize Tech Solutions offers competitive to deal with your staffing needs and enable your business to reduce budget. From temporary staffing to direct placement, we tailor our support of meet your one of a kind needs.

  • Aviation Experts
  • Representatives
  • Composite Engineers
  • Aerospace Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Stress Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers
  • CAD/CAM Engineers
  • Designers
  • Drafters
  • System Integrator
  • Project Managers

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Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare & Life sciences

The Pharmaceutical, Healthcare & Life Sciences fields are experiencing rapid changes thanks to the development in science combined and unfolding technologies and remoulding the industry. Personalizing medicine and patient-centric care are also pushing those domains in new directions as are stony compliance requirements and government resourcefulness such as the Affordable Care Act and Electronic Health Records (EHR) programs. It is condemnatory for companies to adapt to the ever-changing environment and adopt the latest technology breakthroughs in areas such as cloud computing, mobility and big data while dealing with a important shortage of skilled IT talent.
Cognize Tech Solutions’s Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences & Healthcare Expertise
As a provider to leading Pharmaceutical, Healthcare & Life Sciences organizations, Cognize Tech Solutions has developed comprehensive expertise in this industry including proficiency in products, regulatory and compliance areas.

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Banking and Finance & Insurance

The Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) industry continues to be altered by technological improvements and innovations including those in the areas of cloud, mobility and big data. BFSI conglomerates are also faced with tremendous business challenges including constantly changing business dynamics risk, uncertainty and compliance issues and other budget pressures.
Retail Banking, Corporate, Investment and Business Banking
Investment Management
Assets and Wealth Management, Mutual Funds, Investment Advisory, Employee’s Benefits, Private Banking, Net Banking and Trust Funds
Capital Markets
Trading and Securities Operations, Brokerage.
Risk Management
Operational and Credit Risks, Enterprise Risk Management
Depositories, Custodians and Clearing Agencies

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Facing stiff competition, technology and IT leaders are now continuously launching new products and services in order to compete their rivals. This means shorter and unending development coupled with faster go-to-market upcoming timelines. Systems and Service integrators have to be skilled to offer their clients the ability to architect, design, develop, implementing and executing new technologies such as cloud computing, social media, mobile applications and big data; technologies that are able to give them the competitive border when leveraged effectively. Cognize Tech Solutions also provides outstanding IT resources and technologists to help our desired clients to meet their needs at the best fiercing prices.

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Energy & Utility

Cognize Tech Solutions’s team Energy, Oil and Gas staffing agency recruiters offer contract staffing for project-related Oil and Gas positions, and in addition, to that direct employ placement solutions are also appropriate. We put Oil and Gas Energy experts in every aspect of the U.S. also, give best candidates to locate the ultimate fit for great organizations.
Our participation in the Energy (oil and gas) staffing industry has given our recruiters the aptitude to find qualified rivals in every single skilful and expertised region of oilfield engineering, including skilled commerce, financial analysis, supply chain, administration, organization and support.
Our aim is to become a part of your business and work with you to satisfy and fulfill the contract and temporary staffing needs.

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Retail And Manufacturing

With information being more prevalent and the modern consumer becoming increasingly too much market savvy, the retail and manufacturing industry is evolving at a faster pace to serve the consumer better. While the retail and manufacturing industry has been early adopters of IT, the increasing worldliness of consumers provides compelling reasons to leverage IT to brand and capture mindshare with each consumer. Organizations are looking to optimize their supply chains, become more creative with their marketing campaigns (digital and mailers) and understand the speedily evolving tastes of their consumers.
Cognize Tech Solutions’s Retail & Manufacturing Expertise
Cognize Tech Solutions has developed deep expertise helping our clients by providing services and solutions across the wide spectrum, ranging from information analytics and business intelligence to supply chain management, digital media services. With a dedicated service group focused on the Retail and Manufacturing sector, we are positioned to support you in your needs and challenges.

  • CAD/CAM Engineers
  • Designers
  • Drafters
  • System Integrator
  • Project Managers