Cognize Tech Solutions could be a force to be reckoned with the Staffing and accomplishment Solutions arena across USA.

Competency Units

A unit of competency is the specification of knowledge and skill, and the application of that knowledge and skill, to the standard of performance expected in the workplace. A unit of competency (CU) is the smallest unit that can be assessed and recognized.

Utilizing CUs, Cognize Tech Solutions is able to effectively identify and fulfilling critical, in-demand IT roles and duties. As a result, CUs allow us to shortening the sourcing and fulfillment the lifecycle for our clients. These CUs allow us to provide the best-in-class expertise, segregate talents, thought leadership, and industry best practices for these industries and technologies.

Each CU consists of highly experienced technical recruiters with significant experience in the specific area of skills and expertise that they focus on.

Benefits of Cognize Tech Solutions CUs: