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No company in this world, especially nowadays cannot exist without a database. All the companies’ needs to maintain a database so as store, retrieve, manipulate and update data as they wish so as to perform their daily operations along with fix their long term business strategies and goals. As ANSI (American National Standards Institute) puts it, SQL is the standard language for relational database management. With SQL commands you can insert, update, delete, manipulate data and perform a plethora of other functions.

Learning SQL boosts your employability and enhances your career growth. As information and data never goes out of fashion and will always have application in the business world. So will you, ever have demands for your job profile.

Our extensive SQL training program covers all the aspects of SQL including PL/SQL and is taught by certified SQL professionals who are well versed with all the aspects of SQL and PL/SQL.

    Our course structure in ASP.Net includes:
  • SQL overview
  • SQL SELECT and statements, SQL updating
  • Functions and expressions
  • Joins, Sub queries and Unions
  • Summarization
  • Basics of PL/SQL
  • PL/SQL structure
  • Exception handling
  • Boolean Logic
  • Cursors and iteration
  • Triggers
  • Bulking in PL/SQL